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Originally Posted by Chisquirrel View Post
Jesus, is reading that difficult? His OWN LAWYER says so. THAT'S why Congress is looking for his taxes.
I think that is probably the fastest way to get Trump to release his taxes, if there's any way at all (it's a long shot, IMO). But if there's a way, it would be to find people who have seen his taxes or who know intimate details about his private business, and then try to get them to testify publicly. If there are some sensational charges, then the public might actually get curious enough to want his tax returns made public.

But the other way is a collapse in public opinion brought on by a national emergency such as a major recession or a military adventure that goes awry. Donald Trump is a political emergency. The only way to defeat him is to weaken his political standing. That is most likely the only way to get him and the plutocrats out of power.

There are opportunities the Democrats have to hammer away about how things like rising rents, rising tuition, rising healthcare costs, and taxcuts for the rich are basically stealing the American dream from the middle class and Trump has done absolutely nothing to solve these problems. In fact he's done everything to make them worse. The Dems need to be focusing on that shit instead of his damn tax returns.