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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
So is NXT worth getting? I've been holding off on getting the WWE network, because I can usually page through YouTube for the matches of yesteryear, but not having to pay $50+ for PPVs is appealing.
Honestly, if you watch only one wrestling show each week, that show should be NXT. The length keeps it tight and focused (few recaps; backstage stuff kept to a minimum). No sophomoric angles of the "vomit on Vicki" variety. Women are given full-length matches, and the ones who succeed are the ones who can wrestle--not just the ones who can look pretty while slapping and pulling hair. The crowd is *usually* great, though sometimes they get a bit too smarky for their own good (and they're often getting tired by the time they get to the last show of a taping). And the in-ring product is generally excellent. You know how good Payback was? Well, three days before, NXT had its own "special event", Takeover. It was so good that WWE brass put the pressure on the main roster guys to go all out, because they were afraid the developmental guys were going to outshine them. Also, you missed probably one of the funniest segments in all of wrestling history last week, when Bo Dallas tried to return as Mr. NXT.

Best of all, maybe: NXT is HHH's baby, so it's maybe giving us a little peek of what the main roster will be like once Vince & Dunn get out of the picture...