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Originally Posted by Martin Hyde View Post
Either way, Göring was convinced he could destroy a force of infantry numbering something like 300,000+ with solely aerial bombardment. In the end, while such a move was hectic on ground forces, it's akin to trying to kill a bunch of ants with a sledgehammer. Sure, you'll get some of them, but you'll miss a lot of them too. Even today with better weapons in the air, purely air power cannot alone defeat huge forces of infantry. Men can hunker down, find cover, etc. If you want to take out 300,000+ soldiers you need to use other soldiers (at least for now, although infantry drones are of course coming into widespread use.)
I fail to see why drones could be any more effective than pilot-bearing aircraft. Or do you mean, like, remote-controlled robot infantry? Never heard of any such thing outside SF, but at this stage it wouldn't surprise me.