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Originally Posted by bump View Post
You could say the same thing about amphibious landings as well, but how else were the Marines going to capture an island?

Large scale paratroop drops are another thing that seems foolish in hindsight, but at the time was the best option, even if kind of flawed.
I didn't say it, so much as quote a respected military analyst, John Keegan. His point was very specifically that paradrops seemed like a good idea, but proved so wasteful of elite formations in all -- all -- major operations ever attempted that armies stopped using them entirely (like the Germans after Crete) or used them only for small-sale special forces ops while trying to transition to something else. The idea of vertical envelopment -- dropping a large formation behind enemy lines -- as a method of winning battles was, it turns out, fatally flawed.

This happens occasionally in warfare, like the idea of using hydrogen-filled zeppelins, some things simply do not work out, even if they were neat ideas.