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Originally Posted by Smid View Post
It was bearable, compared to Cordelia's, which was up there with Van Dyke with the worst ever english accents.

It's ENGLISH accents, btw. British would include Northern Irish (such as James Nesbitt), welsh (I can't name anyone using strong Welsh accent) and Scottish (countless but Ewan Macgregor (occasionally), Robert Carlyle (mostly) and, oh, yes Sean Connery).

Even within the remit of English accents there's wide variations, with Newcastle, Yorkshire (half of Game of Thrones had that accent), Essex, Cockney, West Country, Manchester, Liverpool (the Beatles). The accent you probably should probably be called Oxford English, which is in effect what BBC presenters mostly use.
This has always intrigued me, actually. We're talking about a place with maybe a third to half the square mileage of Texas. Yet there's about a million differently identifiable accents. On their best day Americans might be able to spot five or six 'so-called' American accents. It's like we could spot the difference - and have it have meaning - between Charleston, Columbia and Greenville accents here in South Carolina. It's bewildering to me.