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its always funny when someone from back east goes in the hole in the wall taco shops we get here in ca and is totally shocked that they don't make theirs like home or taco bell .......they argue about the shells not being hard and about the size ect ..... oh the main offense is " no ground beef" finally a few of the places by me came up with "tacos gringos" and ill get asked "you want real tacos or gringos ?"

very few people seem not to know that unless your 3rd or 4th generation Mexican American ground beef in tacos is a good way to be thrown out of the house and or family..... the abulita I knew had a daughter in law that dared to put ground beef in enchiladas tacos ect (she was blonde blue eyed from iowa )..... I admit she wasn't the brightest light in the box but everytime something happened it was "what do you expect when you marry a girl who puts hamburger in her cooking? "

One of the younger girls took pity on her and showed her the fine art of carne and pollo asada and tamales and she made Christmas dinner a few months later and grandma said in front of a whole table of people " this is the best xmas present I have ever gotten thank the lord someone finally taught you how to properly cook !"

a few guest choked and waited for the fight but since grandma was 85 and didn't give a damn and most of us knew it we just hid our faces to keep from laughing and her husband just looked like yes my moms such a bitch
But the grand and great grand kids learned to eat taco bell outside of grandmas house ........

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