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Originally Posted by CBEscapee View Post
My daughter called me from Munich this morning. She asked if I wanted to have a heart attack. Of course I said no, why did she ask? She said she had just paid 22 euros for a kilo of tomate verde (tomatillo for you Americans)!!! My wife and cuņada had just purchased 20 kilos yesterday and paid 9.50 pesos a kilo. I did the math on the exchange rate, around 22 pesos to the euro, and they cost more than 50 times in Munich than here in Guadalajara!
I envy her! When I served my five year stint in China, tomates didn't exist. I smuggled in some canned tomatillos at times, but they didn't last very long. I'd've been happy to pay 171 CNY for some fresh tomatillos. I did pay about 8 USD for each avocado, though.

Actually, a lot of things didn't exist, but I smuggled in seeds for those. China has a lot of chiles, but not serranos (I grew them). I tried to grow tomatillos, but they didn't prosper. Jitomate, no problem, huitlacoche, I didn't bother growing corn; but I'm proud of my Mexican oregano harvests (much different than American/Italian oregano).