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Originally Posted by CBEscapee View Post
My daughter called me from Munich this morning. She asked if I wanted to have a heart attack. Of course I said no, why did she ask? She said she had just paid 22 euros for a kilo of tomate verde (tomatillo for you Americans)!!! My wife and cuņada had just purchased 20 kilos yesterday and paid 9.50 pesos a kilo. I did the math on the exchange rate, around 22 pesos to the euro, and they cost more than 50 times in Munich than here in Guadalajara!

I asked why she would pay so much and she said she had a craving for carne en su jugo that she'll fix this weekend when she is at home. I told her she is crazy!
Oh, good god, you're now making me crave carne en su jugo.

But, yeah, that's pretty typical. Any kind of niche item, especially if it's fresh, will generally command a much higher price, even after adjusting for average wage/living costs, than in the country where it's an everyday foodstuff. That does still seem a bit high--I'd expect it to be more on the order of 10 euros a kilo. I mean, here in the US, they're about $0.75 a pound at the Mexican grocery to probably $3 a pound in more upscale stores. Your daughter bought them for the equivalent of $12 a pound. So, actually, now that I think of it, maybe it's not all that crazy given the niche supply and demand of tomatillos in Munich.

Maybe it's time to start a business?