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Originally Posted by Sengkelat View Post
Don't forget also Lethal Weapon, where Mel Gibson sticks his finger in a gun. (It may have been Lethal Weapon 2, 3, 5, 73, whatever, but it was one of those) I believe in that case the intent was merely psychological, rather than intended to explode the gun, but it wasn't explicitly stated either way.
You're thinking of Maverick (in which Gibson stars as the title character and Glover appears in a Lethal Weapon-referenced cameo).

To the o.p., no, a finger won't cause enough of a blockage to prevent the bullet and exhaust gases behind it from exiting. A drop of water in the barrel of a rifle or musket, however, can be enough to jam the bullet against the barrel and cause it to bulge or split. Cannon shells may explode their charge for reasons previously indicated.