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Originally Posted by MikeG View Post
The old fries with truffle salt at Edzo's Burgers in Evanston IL.

Wiener and Still Champion gives them a run for their money also in Evanston.

Seriously, in the last few years Evanston has experienced a burger and fries Renaissance that is difficult to comprehend. Wiener and Still Champ along with Edzo's are the best, Five Guys is trailing the pack and the local places like the Celtic Knot and Buffalo Joes do some great burgers.
Mmmm...Wiener and Still Champion's fries. And pretty much anything else they have on the menu. I've never been to Edzo's though, and I lived in Evanston for five years. Need to trek out there.

Of the ones listed, I voted Five Guys. They're the closest in style to the type of fry that I like. Ten or fifteen years ago, I surely would have gone with McDonald's, and they're still my favorite when it comes to that style of skinless, golden fry.

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