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Originally Posted by MikeG View Post
How did I forget those?!? Greek fries from Cross Rhodes are wonderful but to get the full effect you have to order the gyro plate to go. The gyro meat drips onto the fries and combines with the lemon oil mix to make something that is just about perfect.

Oh and fyi, I know the owner Jeff pretty well. I've asked him for the recipe for the Greek fries and he says he has tried many times to make a small batch recipe but he never can get it to taste like the multi gallon batches he makes at the restaurant. I've tried as well and something is always missing with the consistency.
I worked there in HS for a week when they first opened; I grew up across the alley. I was splitting a busperson shift with 3 friends, but Jeff decided that he'd rather have one full-timer. I can't say that I blamed him, and I wouldn't have lasted long anyway; full bus trays of dishes were doing a number on my back. I think the guy he hired instead is still there.