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Burger King's fries taste like burnt plastic to me. Ever since they went to that batter covering all those years ago, I haven't been able to eat them. It's a shame, because I liked their burgers the best of all the chains - not that I eat fast food burgers anymore, but I used to like them. They lost my business when they 'improved' their fries.

McDonald's fries are fine. Steak & Shake fries suck - they're so skinny they were cooked hard the 2 or 3 times I had them. Chick Fil-a's waffle fries suck. KFC's fried hunks o' batter-dipped potato are pretty tasty, but not really the same as 'fries'.

I voted for Wendy's fries as the best. I loved the ones they sold a until few months back, before they went to the skin-on fries. They were tasty and had a rich potato flavor. I like skin-on fries just fine, but I wouldn't have replaced my favorite fast-food fries with them. Now if Burger King would have replaced their plastic-fries with them, I'd have cheered it. That said, the new Wendy's fries are good, but I'm not sure I like them as much as the old-style.