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Originally Posted by Idle Thoughts View Post
Build tons of Gyms and put trimps on the Trainer job when you unlock both. I think those both contribute huge toward blocking.

Also, once you get level three shield or higher, it only gives you higher and higher blocking skill, IIRC. It can get pretty high if/when you have a level six shield.
Yeah, Gyms, Trainers and upgrading the shield are about all I can do. I'll just have to prioritize buying more. I learned the hard way not to upgrade the shield too much though. I had it up to close to lvl 10 and when I bought the next prestige my block dropped in half. I try not to upgrade it past lvl 5 now.

Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
I'm lvl 15, but I haven't found Helium or Portals yet.

I eventually got the ability to make Trimp Explorers. They generate Fragments for you so you can make tons more maps. You only need a couple. Then you can find more books and upgrade like cah-razy.
You'll get one of those special red maps at lvl 20, Dimension of Anger. Complete it, and you'll get access to the portal & He. That map is hard though, I finished lvls 21 & 22 and then went back to it.