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Originally Posted by nightshadea View Post
Ok we have a few cute ground squirrels under our shed which hadn't really bothered us until it was realized that they were/are eating our garden sprouts ........

What I need is a humane way to catch the squirrels for relocation since my disabled niece who loves all animals wont let us dispose of them (ie kill them)
Relocation won't be very effective -- other squirrels will just move in to take their place. After all, the squirrels are hungry, and you have a tasty garden available.

The same thing happens with feral cats -- if they are trapped & removed, others move into that territory. That's why most humane societies have changed to a Trap-Neuter-Return policy -- the returned cats continue to occupy the territory and keep out others, but since they are neutered, the population growth doesn't happen. The area tends to stabilize at the population of feral cats that the environment can support.

The most effective way I've found is to put a squirrel-resistant fence around your garden, then to plant some 'sacrificial' plants outside the fence for the squirrels -- make those easier to get at then your garden. And squirrels can be quite amusing to watch -- persuade yourself that the entertainment you get is worth the plants they eat.