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If you go by looks, they might seem harmless but the damage it can bring to your property is plenty. A live squirrel trap is the most humane way of removing unwanted squirrels. Select your trap (1 door/2 door) large enough for the entire animal to fit inside the trap before it reaches the trigger plate, place it at the appropriate place, say a flat surface along your squirrel’s travel path (base of a tree/ wall close to damage area), position bait.
Squirrel removal experts say that select a bait which cannot be stolen by squirrels. The bait should be properly positioned to ensure that the squirrel is forced to engage the trigger.
Now, set your trap carefully and check on your trap often.
You caught your squirrel! It’s not over yet!
Wearing gloves, hold the trap by its handle (avoid squirrel bite) and relocate it at least 10 miles away from your home (might vary with different local law permit), disinfect the trap to prevent spreading of disease.