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Originally Posted by CairoCarol View Post

Stupid CNN has a link right now, "Did Trump Slur His Speech?" Of course, I had to click on it. Thanks, CNN. I listened to 11+ minutes of a reasonably articulate, if odiously motivated, speech - clearly not written by Trump - just to hear ONE. LOUSY. SLURRED. WORD. at the very end. Yeah right - who cares? Like no one else, of any political stripe, has ever stumbled over a word here and there?

Sheesh. When come back, bring an actual story.
The "Shates" is the most obvious (I don't even hear a t in there), but his enunciation starts deteriorating before that. This isn't stumbling over a single word, it's a genuinely mystifying event.

It's not a story for more than a day, unless it happens again or information comes out about a sinister reason for it, but it's still not "stumbled over a word here and there".