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Originally Posted by CairoCarol View Post

Stupid CNN has a link right now, "Did Trump Slur His Speech?" Of course, I had to click on it. Thanks, CNN. I listened to 11+ minutes of a reasonably articulate, if odiously motivated, speech - clearly not written by Trump - just to hear ONE. LOUSY. SLURRED. WORD. at the very end. Yeah right - who cares? Like no one else, of any political stripe, has ever stumbled over a word here and there?

Sheesh. When come back, bring an actual story.
Everyone I ever met who voted for him said it was because he was "real."

Now we have a "situation" in the country, directly having to do with this.

Ridicule is political. The only question is how far.

His unreality should be reported on, in every instance, down to the molecule. He's pushing towards anti-democracy. The first year of this will be seen as a vacation compared to the second and third. Get ready to see "shock events" which will provide a rationale for deep wish lists of anti-democratic people in the US and out.

Or do you think the middle east is going to settle down now?