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Originally Posted by JcWoman View Post
I have an update to this rant. We had a meeting with knowledgable folks and this idiot to clear things up once and for all so we could move forward with the project. It became obvious to me in that meeting, based on the interactions and the sullen attitude of jerkweed, that his playing dumb was just obstinance because he didn't want to do the project the way we were suggesting. He wanted to do it his own way, so he was pretending to be unable to understand the other point of view.

I find that interesting in a psychological/social way. In order to get your own way, you pretend to not understand the other way, despite the fact that the other way is dead simple and obvious? I'm wondering if he really understands how stupid he looked. I doubt it.

By the way, I have a VERY low tolerance for stupidity, especially if it's feigned for manipulative reasons. Most people are kind and would say "well, he's just obstinate". I don't feel compelled to be kind.
I'm still not convinced that he's faking it. I'm not sure how you could tell that. Someone who legitimately has a problem understanding things may still appear to be faking. He may "want to do it his own way" for the same reason.

(I speak from personal knowledge.)