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Anyway, as that seems to have been answered, I'd like to ask a question that's bugged me for a while and is sort of related to your OP. My dad and several other actual conservatives I know go on and on about updating our nukes, that we are behind on nuclear development or something and that this is something we should pour a ton into. Launch vehicles totally make sense, but why nukes? Why do conservatives think it's important and where is that coming from? I get that they need to be reliable, but this doesn't seem to be what they are talking about. It's like we need better nukes or something, but I don't see how they could be 'better'. We can already dial the yield, we already have MIRVs and we've miniaturized them to what I assume is pretty much the greatest possible extent. We already know how to make them boom bigger if we really wanted too, already know how to make them to do a ground penetration mission as well as an EMP profile. So...what do we need to improve wrt the actual warhead??
AIUI, it's not that we need new nuke designs - nukes are already as devastating and capable as they could ever need to be - but that the missiles and bombers and submarines themselves are aging out. Components getting old, etc. The warheads wouldn't need any new designing.