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From what I read, the current problems are:

A. You can't consider yourself a compent nuclear weapons designer if you have not designed a warhead and detonated it. At this point everyone working for the national laboratories who can say they actually did this are elderly.
B. Apparently, while it is possible to keep making detonation tested warheads with the same designs as before - so you know they are sufficiently apocalyptic - the present designs are require a lot of expensive maintenance. There is a desire to make more reliable designs but this takes funding and really requires a few to be set off.
C. Somehow the Russians might get the idea our nukes might not be sufficiently lethal and decide to risk genocide of their entire population by nuking the USA first.

Anyways I think it's all crazy talk. Technically if a nuclear war breaks out, and 90 percent of us nukes turn out to be duds so half the civilian population of Russia remains living, this doesn't sound like a loss to the world to me.

Anyways maintaining a triad increases the probability that a systematic mistake somewhere causes none of the nukes to work. All submarine launched missiles are the same design of missile and warhead. Just takes one screwup and none of them might explode.

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