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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Well, that's what I thought too. When I brought that up (we actually DO testing, though obviously not actual full up testing), this didn't seem to be what they were getting at. They were talking about NEW nukes, as if there is some sort of gap or something because we aren't developing new ones. I brought up the launcher thing, thinking that must be what they are talking about, but again, nope. No idea where this concept that we are falling behind on nuclear weapons development, or even what we'd be developing comes from (well,'s GOT to be Fox News, but the why of it still alludes me).

It's a recurring theme that a lot of conservatives I know, including my dad and his buddies, are constantly on about.

I think the real issue here is not so much newer designs (although I'm sure we could probably make a few good tweaks even now) so much as it is the actual warheads themselves. Nukes don't last forever, and a lot of the ones we currently have are old. We probably do need to build some new ones, or at least do serious refurbishment on some of the old ones, even if the design stays the same.
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