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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post

"Fourteen years after she was fired from “Beverly Hills, 90210″ for bad behavior, the show’s given Shannen Doherty the boot again!

The producers of the new “90210″ originally wanted Shannen, 37, to appear for the entire season, but the Enquirer learned she was so difficult on the set that producers gave her the heave-ho as soon as they could…

“She argued with people, hated some of the scripts, and wanted things done her way. She pranced around the set like she owned it and often ordered changes in her dialogue, which cost time and money.

“After the first taping, the brass decided she just wasn’t worth the hassle.”
Pretty sure this turned out to be bunk. She was on the revived show far longer than what a "first taping" would've accomplished, and they did bring her back for some episodes late in the season. Or so someone who watched the show tells me. Wiki even says she was in the season finale that year. She hasn't been in subsequent seasons, but in general the show seems to be trying to back off from the whole original characters showing up thing. Even Jenni Garth never shows up anymore, and she was practically a regular the first season. Or so I've been told.

Oh and as for Charmed, from what I recall, it was just Alyssa Milano that wanted her gone. Holly Marie Combs remained friends with both of them (at least according to things I read back when the show was still on the air, I guess that could be bunk too).