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Originally Posted by Siam Sam View Post
And continuing on with our Year of Change, I have now left my small management position at the Bangkok Post newspaper, the largest of Thailand's two English-language dailies.


But it's been 22 years since returning to Bangkok after uni in Hawaii, and we feel that's enough. We want to set up again back in our beloved Hawaii.


It's shaping up to be a big year for us.
Congrats on all of the changes! Where in Hawai'i are you planning to move? (I'm sure you mentioned this already and I have skipped past it.) We occasionally talk about the Big Island, but the truth is we also like snow, so Hawai'i will probably remain a favorite vacation spot.

Originally Posted by Johnny L.A. View Post
We adopted Tonka three years ago today. I think he may get some wet food tonight.
Yay Tonka! I remember that he was originally considered quite sickly, but he seems to be doing very well.

Originally Posted by jtur88 View Post
In the past year, I've completely turned my life around. Legally blind for 30 years with continuously diminishing eyesight, I had given up my passion for traveling, and pretty much stayed home for the past 20 years. Then, a year ago, I finally broke down and started walking with a white cane, which I found to be tremendously liberating. I started to realize that I could do things that I had given up doing, particularly traveling.
Good for you! I hope to be half as adventuresome as you are someday. I'm glad you figured out a way to get back to what you love. I may start a thread on this, to counterpoint the one that's currently up about giving up things you love.

Originally Posted by Sattua View Post
My literary agent has my first novel on submission. She sent me the list of editors and houses--all the Big 5 are there, many of them multiple times, as well as some non-Big-5 heavy hitters. She sold a trilogy from a debut author for a six-figure advance last week, sooo ... here's hoping she can work some magic for me, too.
Yay! Do you mind if I ask which genre? I've got my metaphorical fingers crossed for you.

No news on my side.. Just re-discovered this thread and wanted to acknowledge the latest news.

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