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I've currently got two males (18 and 20 pounds). Paperwork from the catteries and everything. Yours actually looks a fair bit like my younger one. Get yourself a really good vacuum cleaner and be prepared to disassemble the roller brush assembly to get all the hair off the roller. It's also good to be ready to groom him if he sits on you. Find what he likes--ours tend to like a human-style comb--and get him used to it. Also make sure you can work on cutting out mats, as ours tend to get matted in various places. You might be able to actually give him a clipper cut yourself with some help--we used to do it with the older one.

You're going to be stuck buying bigger stuff. Our carriers are sized for small to medium dogs. The beds are also for dogs. They're rough on toys. There's going to be little commercially available cat furniture and we've found that they really need a tall scratching post to stretch while scratching. You're even going to need to find a really big litter box.

They're a wonderful breed, with lots of personality and some odd behaviors, but they're definitely more work than some cats. I honestly don't know if I'd get another one (I kinda want an Exotic) but Sheldon has all the cuteness you'd expect of a Maine Coon kitten.