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Yes, Trump said "Shates." It's not that funny.

I hate Trump too, guys. I really really do.

But can we stop picking over every little thing?

I don't know what the hell happened to Trump's speaking ability. Yes, at one time he used to be pretty articulate. Maybe he is suffering from dementia or he's on drugs. Who knows?

I just know that there are many folks who have speech impediments and dysfluencies, like yours truly, who nonetheless do not shy from public speaking. It is really hard to get up in front of an audience and deliver a speech knowing you will likely slur words, mispronounce words, and stumble over sentences and phrases. With no exaggeration, I practice my presentations at least 20 times so as to minimize the likelihood I'll sound like a drunken idiot. But I know it occasionally happens. And I know the ticcing doesn't help either. I'd really hate for someone to downgrade my intelligence or doubt my sobriety just because I don't have perfect speech.

I'm not trying to staunch your hatred for Trump. I'm just saying...let's try to direct it on the substantive stuff. Like the content of yesterday's speech. By focusing on the "Shates" stuff, we sound just like Trump does when he bullies someone for being unattractive.