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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
I'll just assume you're asking seriously.

This thread is witnessing.

Maybe I'm just an asshole, but I was under the impression that the social contract regarding witnessing is the witnesser gets to propose whatever ideas they want - and everybody else gets to respond however they like, up to and including debating it, refuting it, and blowing giant holes in it with a double-barreled shotgun (bland acceptance of the witnesser's ideas is uncommon at best, in these parts). And because the witnesser basically asked for it, ripping into their ideas like this is somehow not threadshitting. The only thing that's actually disallowed is personal insults - and usually shredding the person's idea isn't considered a personal insult.

I'd say it's good clean fun for all, except that as often as not the witnessers themselves are unaware of how the game is played here and are surprised to find themselves getting ripped into.

For myself I'm entertained by strange ideas, as long as they're not boring - and to me this weird soul/god/telepathy business is not yet boring. I'll not be convinced, obviously, but I'm having fun drawing explanations of this odd concept of him and seeing how well his ideas adapt to having their logical flaws pointed out. I do hope he doesn't expect to convert me or anything (and I've tried to make it very clear nothing like that will happen), but as long as he's enjoying the discussion (which he seemingly is) I don't even feel like I'm tweaking the guy.

The guy does not feel tweaked. Not yet anyway.