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Originally Posted by Clothahump View Post
Well, since it has apparently sailed right over your head, I'll explain it for you:

I'm pointing out that the (vast) majority of people on this board are using a term incorrectly. If you want to call that trolling, knock yourself out.
I have trouble believing that this entire board, minus you, gets the definition of "wetback" wrong. Especially since there have been numerous cites showing that the word IS used as an ethnic slur.

Occam's Razor suggests that it is you, in fact, who is getting this wrong. Do you have a cite that defines the word as you claim, that there's no slur intended?

I doubt it. It's cognitive dissonance writ large. You seem incapable of realizing that you get things wrong.

Again, this is akin to Taylor Swift writing a song called, "Maybe It's Me."
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