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Strong-arm robbery in Florida is a 2nd Degree Felony. While the actual text of the statute, ss. 812.13(c), does not use the term "strong-arm", the "Criminal Punishment Code; Offense severity ranking chart" found in State Statute 921.0022 parenthetically describes the offense as such. It lists the offense as, "Robbery, no firearm or other weapon (strong-arm robbery)."

Basically, if you try to steal something it is just a theft. The second that someone tries to stop you and you use any type of force (to include threat of force, or "putting [the victim] in fear") to complete your thievery, it becomes a robbery. So shop-lifting becomes strong-arm robbery when the store clerk or security tries to stop the person at the door and the thief shoves them out of the way, etc.

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