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It's a simplification. What is going on in the US is that we pay healthcare providers more for their services than in other countries. Our physician and nurses salaries are the highest in the world. Physician salaries especially are incredibly high in comparison to their European counterparts (Why is always the question, but a lot of it has to do with the fact that the AMA acts like a cartel in the US and limits the number of practitioners via statute.)
Thats actually not so.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the US is number 3 for specialist remuneration, after the Netherlands and Australia. GP pay is the highest in the world, but only about 25 % ahead of nations such as the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland etc. And... thats not really enough to make a big dent in the costs. There are about 900 000 physicians practicing in the US today, lets call it a million. 500 000 are specialists. The salary difference between these nations for GPs are 30 - 40 000 $ per year. So you're paying about 15 - 20 billion more for GPs.

The overspending in the US healthcare system is about 1800 billion.

As I posted in another thread earlier today, billing alone, something other systems mostly don't do much, costs you almost 500 billion per year due to the vast bureaucracy you have created. Other major sources of excess costs in the US system are overprovision and medical inefficiency. Salary differences are only a couple of percent of the overspending.

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Due to the amount that we pay, we're also innovation centers that effectively subsidize research to the rest of the world. Pharmaceuticals is one of the easiest places to see this. Pharmaceutical companies basically run their development budgets off of the US market. Non-US countries move to generics much more quickly and so US consumers are footing the bill for research costs via higher drug costs. It's a situation where the rest of the world likes to shake their head at the US paying so much, but they really don't want to see the US stop paying so much either.
Thats not actually so either. The US spends more money on research, but the US spends more money in every aspect of healthcare without getting better results. Per head the US does not produce more inventions than other large nations.

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Italy spends 62% of what Ireland spends. They have different systems and the costs are different. The US spends alot more than most because it has a different system, changing who pays will not change the system.
You realize we are talking about changing the system? There are valid arguments that this could be politically impossible. But if accomplished, a proper single payer system would be less expensive than what you got by far.