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Originally Posted by Stranger On A Train View Post
Those who suggest that the United States—which in every other context is venerated as the once and future “Greatest Nation on the Planet”—cannot take care of the poor and indigent to some minimal sustinance level or provide assured access to basic health care but somehow can managed to spend nearly twice as much money per capita on its military than the other NATO allies speaks to how much the “narrative” of economic opportunity and the role of the government in cultivating the conditions for broad prosperity and social egalitarianism has been hijacked by corporate interests out for immediate profit at the expense of long term health of the country and the people of it. [Emphasis added.]
Other first-world countries can afford generous safety nets because they don't have to spend much money on defense. Why? Because the U.S. subsidizes their military; we promise to come to the defense of our allies. As a result, our allies can get away with spending a relatively small percentage of their GDP on defense, while we (in the U.S.) need a strong defense to protect us and them.