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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
This just seems like an awfully flimsy and weird justification for literally doing nothing about a credible allegation, even an old one. Why not investigate it? Maybe they could find something out. Maybe Kavanaugh will have an explanation, or change his story, or a million other possibilities. Maybe other accusers will come forward. Why is it so terrible to just take some time and investigate a credible allegation before we seat a possible attempted rapist on the SCOTUS?
What makes the allegation credible? Simply because it was physically possible? What in your mind would be an "incredible" allegation?

What if I said (and mods, I am not really making this allegation) that I met Kavanaugh at a legal conference some years ago, maybe in 2003, let's say, and that he invited me back to his room and attempted to force homosexual intercourse on me? Let's say I said that tomorrow. Should the committee investigate? Should the vote be delayed? Do I get to be on national TV?