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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
What makes the allegation credible? Simply because it was physically possible? What in your mind would be an "incredible" allegation?

What if I said (and mods, I am not really making this allegation) that I met Kavanaugh at a legal conference some years ago, maybe in 2003, let's say, and that he invited me back to his room and attempted to force homosexual intercourse on me? Let's say I said that tomorrow. Should the committee investigate? Should the vote be delayed? Do I get to be on national TV?
Were you at that conference in 2003? Was Kavanaugh? Did you tell your therapist several years later about it? Did you tell your spouse? If all these answers are "yes" (and have been confirmed by journalists), then your allegation is credible.

Ford did go to school in that area, at the time in question, she told her therapist and husband decades later, etc. All this has been confirmed by journalists.