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Originally Posted by Fotheringay-Phipps View Post
Originally Posted by steronz
She quietly wrote a letter to her local rep, who passed it of to Feinstein, who gave it to the WH, who [did the right thing] and included it in the nomination package, where other senate Democrats got hold of it and leaked it.
I don't think this is correct.
I thought somebody other than Ford sent it to her Rep, who gave it to Feinstein, who discussed with her staff and concluded that it couldn't be acted on. Then nothing else was sticking to Kavanaugh, so Feinstein announced it publicly and referred it to the FBI, who responded that they couldn't do anything with it because it was thirtyfive years old.

Feinstein said she was respecting the wishes, either of the letter writer, or Ms. Ford, or both, or something, in not pursuing it. But, like I say, nothing was sticking to Kavanaugh, so Feinstein dropped her bombshell after sitting on it for six weeks. The chance that Feinstein believed it wouldn't be leaked immediately after it was made public are approximately 0%.

As I mentioned, this is somewhat similar to what happened to Anita Hill, who wanted to make her accusations anonymously and force Thomas to withdraw. Then Nina Totenberg got Hill's affidavit leaked to her, and contacted Hill to tell her that she was going to be made public whether she liked it or not. Same thing here - Feinstein said "you don't want your name dragged thru the mud? Tough toenails, honey - we need to stop Kavanaugh, and we haven't got anything else. You're going public - get used to it."

In the immortal words of Animal House - "You fucked up - you trusted us. Don't dwell on the past."