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I think the charts support my point of view, actually but I thank you for the link. I say SS, Medicare, and Medicaid shouldn't really count as federal revenues or spending, they have their own revenue source. Now from the chart, the non-defense discretionary spending is $610 billion. OK, so I was mistaken and it is more than defense.
You're welcome and it's refreshing to see a simple acknowledgement of an error. I think it's worth noting that, at least in a number of categories, that chart shows net spending, that is, how much the federal government is spending on those programs after "their own revenue source" has been accounted for. For example, Medicare is "spending minus income from premiums and other offsetting receipts" and Other is "minus income from offsetting receipts".

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But- what do you cut? Transportation? Education? Veteran's benefits? If you were in charge, which of these would feel the blow of your mighty ax?
I'd be fine with something like "the Penny Plan".