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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
We DON'T protect life in the case of organ donation. We don't protect it in the case of blood or marrow donation. When a bunch of kids laughed and filmed a drowning man instead of calling 911, their right to spend their time as they pleased was put ahead of his right to life.

Just focus on organ donation: when we let people die because the corpse that contains the organ they need to survive belongs to someone who wants to bury it instead, how is that putting protecting life ahead of all other rights?
I do not think this analogy really works. In this case the passersby had nothing to do with the situation. They just happened to be there and had no legal obligation to intervene.

In the case of a woman's unborn child she put the unborn in that position. It would be more akin to hanging someone out an apartment window. If you did that, and let go the rope, claiming you are under no obligation to save the person is wrong. You put them in that position and if you let go and they die you murdered them.
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