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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
Of all the parties involved only one has zero control of its circumstances (both in how it got there and its ultimate fate).
So? Do you support forcing parents to donate blood or bone marrow to their kids?

If I agree to donate a kidney to you,but at the last minute, I change my mind, I haven't done anything illegal. Even if you die as a result--because you were taken off the anonymous donor list--I haven't done anything illegal.

If I agree to donate a life-saving kidney to you in the event of my death, die, and then my husband decides he's uncomfortable with the situation, it's not a crime for him to stop the donation--it's his absolute right. This is true even if you are my kid.

If I've agreed to give you a kidney and then change my mind, are you comfortable with the state having me strapped to a table and forcibly cutting it out? Because forcing me to have a baby would be exactly that.