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Ok, I'm going to be the one to say it: Yes it was an appalling crime and should carry a heavy sentence. But I'm not sure that a charge of "murder" makes sense, and also I do think there should be different degrees to such crimes.
I know this opens up a can of worms but that seems unavoidable to me.

Calling a fertilized egg a "person" sure makes things simple, and I think this kind of sentence is also trying to take the simple route (and since no-one is going to lose sleep over some jerk getting an overly-long sentence, it pretty much puts the matter to bed). But in reality, I don't think things are so simple.
If a guy were to, say, have consensual sex with a woman, and the next day, slip the morning-after pill into her breakfast...yes, it's a crime, a crime against the woman. But it's just not the same as murdering someone's child.

ETA: Obviously the situation in the OP is of course much worse than the morning-after pill hypothetical, as the perpetrator knows he's ending a life. It's just for illustration.

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