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Nowhere you can show that they were wrong. What you did is illogically shooting the messenger. And I did point from the very beginning that I don't see how clear the point was from the poster I replied to (Now that, what he said, demanded an eye roll and a reply). He did so by only picking the examples of dubious or close republican gains as reasons for the Democrats to drop their support for immigrants or legalization efforts, while ignoring what took place in the House elections or how the ground is shifting in places like Texas.
Speaking of Texas, although Beto didn't win (though he came close enough to force Ted Cruz to declare that going forward he will be the senator "for all Texans"--quite a concession), there was a significant shift at the state level.

In the Texas senate, two seats flipped from R to D. And in the Texas house, 12 seats flipped. That means that we can (maybe) move beyond bathroom/anti-transgender bills and sanctuary city rubbish.

Not only that, but the U.S. Reps who lost their jobs were some of the Trumpiest, and some of the most powerful. Pete Sessions who headed the Rules Committee is out. And the chairmanship of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology moves from a climate-change denier (Lamar Smith of San Antonio) to Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson, who promises to "restore the credibility of the Science Committee as a place where science is respected."

Here's more cause for hope: