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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Perhaps the Dems should learn that winning the popular vote, especially wrt the presidency is meaningless and instead stop mentioning it and focus on winning the contests the way they actually work? Just a thought.
Perhaps people should stop pointing this out as if it is not known every time that democrats point out that more people voted for their party, yet it gets less representation in government. To focus on winning contest the way they actually work is to win with not just a majority, but an overwhelming majority, in order to eek out a slight majority in congress.

We know this, and repeating it as if you think that we don't know this, especially in such a condescending way, adds absolutely nothing to any conversation.

In fact, that was the exact premise of the OP that you quoted here, that it requires more than just a majority in order to be in power, then you come along and patronizingly and a with a bit of hostility remind the OP that it requires more than a majority for democrats to be in power.
I don't think the Pubs have a permanent majority nor are the Dems some sort of permanent minority. US politics just don't work that way. I think the Dems had the greatest run of control in the past, but even that eventually changed. The Pubs, however, haven't come close to the longevity of control the Dems enjoyed previously for decades. And I fully expect in the next presidential election the Dems to boot Trump out...assuming they will grasp the concept that winning the popular vote means exactly nothing in the US with our system.
The parties may shift, but the fact remains that the smaller states that have less economic activity and fewer draws to their population will continue to dictate to the economically prosperous and populated states. This trend will continue to get stronger, as more and more people move into urban areas, and fewer and fewer people live in areas that have very little economic potential. this concentrates more and more power into the hands of people who have failed. Their economy has failed, their towns have failed, their families have failed when their children move off to the city in search of gainful employment. And they cannot accept that these failures are entirely of their own doing, and so they will do everything they can to bring the rest of the country down with them.

You can remind people all day that our government is not a representative democracy, and with whatever tone you like, from patronizing to spit fleckeled, but it still won't be telling anyone at all anything that they don't already know, and won't be advancing any conversation in the slightest.

Originally Posted by bump View Post
I'd argue that it's not the urban poor alone, but rather the crazy quilt of politically impotent groups that they've hitched their wagon to that cause the problem.

I mean, it's great to be ideologically pure and stick up for all the underprivileged, persecuted and disenfranchised groups, but the fact remains that all of them together isn't enough to amount to a significant amount of voters.
So, you are saying that the democrats should not represent those who have no representation? That those who are persecuted and marginalized should have no one to turn to? That if you are a minority, you simply shouldn't expect to have any rights? (Unless of course, you are a republican, in which case, your minority status enshrines you with control over the presidency and the senate.)

Yeah, no.
I mean, black people as a whole compose 12% of the country. Are they 12% of the Democratic party focus? White people are 64% of the country, and most are not part of the groups the Democratic party espouses.
Yeah, what the fuck were we thinking? I mean, why'd we even free them from slavery, they only make up 12% of the population. We should focus on the difficulties of being a straight white male in america, and if you are anything else, then who cares?
The Democrats play too heavily toward trying to induce white guilt for a myriad of social issues, and not enough on demonstrating how they benefit the white, mostly middle-class majority. In other words, don't try and win with white america by telling them how black people are done wrong by the system and how that needs to change. Unless you manage to make them feel guilty, that's an abstract thing that doesn't affect them.
Democrats don't induce white guilt. Democrats simply point out the difficulties that minorities face everyday, and try to address those. That you choose to make it all about you, and *your* feelings is only a reflection on you, not on the merits of preventing people from being persecuted and marginalized due to their skin color.

This is certainly a major divide between republicans and democrats, however, in how we treat people who are not like us. Tell you what, TOWP offered to give us healthcare if we allow the republicans to do whatever they want to anyone who tries to get into this country, what are you willing to give us if we let you start persecuting minorities again?