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Originally Posted by Dacien View Post
After reading some of the politicization of this tragedy, I'm struck by how many people seem to be under the impression that the election of Donald Trump transformed DHS and Border Patrol agents into Orange Minions, suddenly callous and unfeeling, willing to let a little girl die because the racist and hateful aura of the president perverted their very being.

These employees have been working for years, many of them through multiple presidencies. The processing of people who cross the border illegally is probably a lot like any government-run detainment process: slow and crowded. It could have happened under any presidency. Indeed, it probably has, it just never made the news.
What the fuck is your deal? You say that you hate Trump, but time and time again I see you pushing the pro-Trump narrative, pulling ideas from pro-Trump websites.

Trump is the one who changed our refugee policy to make it harder to accept people. He's the one who changed the policy so as to create the child concentration camps. He is the first president in my lifetime who has been explicitly anti-immigrant. He's the one who keeps on treating these people as our enemies. He's the one who has made it where refugees try to sneak in, going to more remote locations where this sort of thing can happen.

So we have plenty of reason to think this is something caused by Trump. What evidence do you have that it is not? Not "I bet this happened under previous presidents." That's not evidence. That's just making an assumption to defend Trump. If it happened before, show actual evidence.

And be careful with the whataboutism/tu quoque. Even if you find such evidence, you will not prove that this is not wrong, and that a good President should not be actually trying to fix these problems. All you can do is establish that the problem predates Trump.

And don't forget that you have to establish that it was as much a problem as before. Because the default is that Trump's policies he admits are designed to hurt refugees and immigrants will in fact hurt refugees and immigrants.

And if you are just a Trump supporter or Russian troll who is trying the "I'm a Republican but I hate Trump" thing while sneaking in pro-Trump stuff, don't bother. We will detect that, no matter how you try to couch it.

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