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Originally Posted by suranyi View Post
Well, when my son saw a Jackson Pollock at the museum for the first time his reaction was "This is so cool!" So some people agree with the art critics.
I don't have a strong opinion on Jackson Pollock, but this made me very happy.

Ditto. Many's the time, when I have said, "I don't like tea," that people have said, "You should try this one, everyone likes it!"

HA! I feel the same way about coffee and beer.

''No really, these are the best beans hand ground by the indigenous peoples of Krakatoa...''

Yeah, no, it tastes like shit. Sorry.

I hate that general attitude in which people try to force you to love foods you hate. My Aunt is this way. ''I hate olives.'' ''Well, you really don't, you just haven't had a truly good olive. Here, eat this olive. It's the best olive that could conceptually exist.'' ''But I hate olives.'' ''EAT IT!''

*Eats olive*
*Is worst experience of my entire life*
''I hate you.''