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Originally Posted by Chihuahua View Post
Asylum Films...

...And yet somehow they continue to exist, which means someone, somewhere, actually looked at "Transmorphers" or "The Day the Earth Stopped," and was like, "Yeah, I'd pay money to see that movie."

I just don't understand.

From what I understand they make enough money off of selling DVDs to people, mostly non English speakers, who mistake the title for the real movie title. So they are hucksters selling to suckers. They know their movies suck but they know they will make money so they make the best suckiest movies they can.

Originally Posted by Eddie The Horrible View Post
This fucking Pokemon Go shit?
Acquire lives, folks.
And what do you do in your free time? Watch movies, woodworking, quilting, volunteering at a homeless shelter, raise money for cancer research? Well it's stupid and you should acquire a life.

Originally Posted by furryman View Post
I don't understand why it's popular. I don't understand why some people who play it have no common sense.
I don't understand why so many people spend their free time criticizing other people about what they do with their free time.

Originally Posted by HyacinthBucket View Post
At last, something we can all agree on!
No, you are wrong. Some of the best movies are made, or acted in, by Adam Sandler.

Originally Posted by Dorabella View Post
Astrology. I don't care what your birth sign is. It's crap.
Your birth sign might be a pile of crap but mine is a badass centaur with a bow and arrow.