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Originally Posted by voltaire View Post
How did we get this far without mentioning the elephant gun in the room? I would have expected one of our foreign dopers to do the deed, but maybe they're just gun shy. (You see where I'm going now, don't you?)

Not that I'm trying to excuse the behaviors of the cops in any of these incidents, nor deny the apparent racism likely to be involved in many of them, but a fairly common denominator in these incidents are that the cops are terrified of getting shot out there. Putting myself in their shoes, I can hardly blame them. (For being terrified of being shot, that is, not for the inappropriate, but statistically predictable ways they sometimes respond to that fear.)

Aren't we just paying the price to be expected when our nation is positively awash with guns?

(Full disclosure: I personally own two handguns.)
But those who believe in the right to bear arms constantly reiterate:
a) that simply allowing people to carry guns does not increase danger, because law-abiding citizens with guns do not constitute a threat and are not going to shoot cops,


b) that banning guns won't help, because the criminals won't obey the law, and therefore will still have guns.
If both of these things are true—and i concede the possibility for the purpose of this discussion—then we should expect the police, just like every other person in the country, to go about their business and do it properly and professionally despite the fact that there are lots of guns in the United States.

If, like officer Groubert of South Carolina, you can't prevent yourself from shooting a person who is obeying your direct instruction because you're worried that he might be going for a gun, then man up and get a job dispensing fries or collecting bridge tolls instead of pretending that you've got what it takes to be a law enforcement officer.

Your whole position seems to suggest that, as long as we accept that this is a society of guns, we might also have to accept that cops are going to keep shooting unarmed civilians. I don't accept that.