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Originally Posted by mhendo View Post
The problem with a warrant is that, for a civilian to accede to the conditions of the warrant, he has to be aware of its existence. I don't know about you, but if armed and camouflaged men kick in my door in the middle of the night, the first thing that would come to mind probably isn't, "They must have a warrant, so i'll let them go about their business." This is especially the case because i know that i haven't done anything that would require the police to investigate me in the first place. As the story notes, the police found no evidence of any contraband at the house of the man they gunned down. I guess he must have kept ALL of his meth in the exact place where the thief found it, right?
I have a loaded 16 gauge pump under my side of the bed and a loaded .357 magnum S&W in the nightstand drawer. I'm generally law abiding. If our door were to be kicked in by people screaming "Police" it would likely mean I'd go to jail for the rest of my life or be killed.