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Originally Posted by MagicEyes View Post
Annoying Coworker doesn't like the way we're doing something that she has absolutely nothing to do with, and she demanded that we do it a different way that would make my job harder, take more time, and make my products worse. Of course my supervisor respects her input much more than mine, so she's probably going to want to start doing things that way, at which point I might say take this job and shove it.
I have a co-worker like that.

I've said that if she was put in charge of airline pre-flight checks, she would have the pilot personally walking the plane and checking off that each passenger was correctly buckled in. Then, in the middle of the flight, she'd notice that someone was unbuckled and call the pilot over the PA, for everyone to hear, and ask if he had checked that individual passenger or not.

She tried to tell me and my boss that I needed to do a specific process in a way that would take about 5 times longer, catch very few additional errors (of no consequence) and ensure that I'd never get the job done. Boss started to back her up. Then I pointed out that I was the only one who had ever done that process for the last several years and that neither she nor anyone else on the team had done it for almost a year before I picked it up. So if she wanted it done that way, then I expected that she would start handling it herself. Otherwise here's my process and I'm doing it this way as long as I'm the only one doing it.