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Originally Posted by squeegee View Post
I meant 'they' meaning the characters, not the writers. Before Banner did The Snap, there was some brief strategizing and they agreed to bring back the other half of the world Now, not Then. This seems like a troublesome choice; e.g what happens to folk that were on aircraft when they disappeared? Ocean liners? And how do we feed them all?

And re the writers: it's easy not to fall in the trap of time travel rules that break your universe: don't write stories with time travel.
There's obviously a certain amount of movie magic going on here. But given the setup of the Stones and the Snap there really has to be. It's not as if Thanos made quadrillions of individual decisions about who lived and died, whether planes landed safely, how many bacteria were affected, etc. He just had an overall intent and the magic carried it out, and he didn't care about the repercussions. I think it's reasonable to assume the magic works the same way for Banner, only his intent is nobler, and he does care that people are preserved. So I'm fine believing that the genie of the stones carried out his wish in a way that didn't end up with people phasing into solid stone or appearing in front of moving cars or what have you.

For dramatic purposes there has to be some lingering effect from the events of all of these movies. Having half the world's population missing five years while the other half has five years of grief and rebuilding on their record seems like a nice world-spanning consequence that can be brought in as needed, but also more or less ignored if a particular upcoming movie doesn't need that ingredient. I vastly prefer it to some global reset where we rewind back to the moment of Thanos' snap and for some reason only the core Avengers remember that anything happened at all. That would feel much more like a cop-out.

As far as the time travel aspects, I think they actually did a great job of setting up a fun movie-believable set of time travel rules and then coloring inside the lines, for the most part. You can't go back in time and change things in order to change your present reality. All they could do is sneak back, borrow the stones for an instant, and then sneak back and replace them so that those other realities don't end up changed for the worse. The time travel seemed to require a return to the original destination, unless you choose to make it a one-way journey, like Cap did at the end. I thought that was a great set of rules to set up some neat nostalgia scenes and inserts into previous movies without making everything too hard or too easy dramatically.

I'm hazy on two parts, though. I'm not sure that they don't work within these rules, but would need to think about it.
1) When Cap and Iron Man decide to improvise after losing the cube, they "sideways" jump back to Howard Stark's lab. I'm not sure how they did that on the fly without returning to the big time jump machine. Maybe we just write this off to Tony Stark doing super-science when he needs to.
2) When Evil Nebula uses the time platform to pull Thanos and his ship to the present from the past it seems like it's bending the rules in order to set up the final confrontation. There might be a good explanation there but it didn't occur to me on first watching.