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Well, that's the thing - of course you can't use a car to go from room to room and kill a bunch of people. (You can drive it into a crowd, though, which we have seen numerous times recently.) Yeah, cars account for only the tiniest percentage of malicious homicide, as compared to firearms. But they account for more deaths.

Are deaths from shootings a greater hardship on society than death from cars? It's not a rhetorical question, I actually don't know the answer. Maybe they generate more fear because they garner coverage in the media. But the widows and orphans are still widows and orphans.

We could probably cut driving deaths in half by requiring all drivers to use a manual car unless physically unable to do so. Having to control a clutch and a shifter makes it a hell of a lot less likely to be distracted on your phone, or to zone out and lose control. But "we've decided" that this is unfeasible, just like "we've decided" that banning guns is unfeasible.