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Originally Posted by Barkis is Willin' View Post
I think I could pull it off. And yet, I'm biased enough to think someone I'm very close to (wife, parents, siblings) would not be able to fool me.
How would you pull it off though, especially up close and during a conversation?

Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
I think the hard part would be disguising your voice. Also changing your gait, which is how one can recognize people from a distance.
ood thing I don't have anything distinctive that allows people to recognize me.
There's alot of techniques online for changing your voice, or at the very least altering it to a degree. But I still think the biggest factor is facial appearance, if you can't change that then nothing else really matters.

Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Different people clearly key in on different parts of one's appearance.
Exactly. I wonder what features people hone in on when recognizing someone.

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