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Originally Posted by BrickBat View Post
In my observation, it's more a case of generational chauvinism biased toward the 70s ( when they were young adults )

"Hey you millennial philistines, quit playing that acid rock!" ( I've actually heard them use that term today; to them, anything harder than 'Bostons' 'More than a feeling' ) Then proceed to play The Eagles or Fleetwood Mac greatest hits.

The emphasis on "hits". Nothing too eclectic like the third track on the "B" side of their treasured LPs or cassettes. They loves them some vanilla.
I understand that every generation favors the music they heard growing up. What bugs me about classic rock is that -- unlike big-band jazz or 50s rock -- it became a dominant, go-to format long after its original impact had worn off, and remains so to this day. It didn't become nostalgia; it remained mainstream.

I also understand that's because the generation that grew up on this stuff was the biggest, wealthiest, most influential generation ever. And I see a parallel between that big, wealthy, influential generation's clinging to its music and that big, wealthy, influential generation's clinging to other cultural tropes such as English-only, white Christians in charge and "traditional" families.

Yes, lefties can love classic rock, and white supremacists can love death metal. I'm talking broad cultural stuff, not individual tastes.
I'm not expecting any surprises.