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Originally Posted by BrainGlutton View Post
Why? I mean, American schoolbooks are not full of anti-British propaganda.
EVERYONE in the Balkans hates the Turks (except the Turks, naturally, who are, as far as I can tell, totally oblivious about this). Bulgarians refer to the Ottoman occupation as the "Tursko Robstvo", which is usually translated as "Turkish Yoke". It took me awhile to parse this phrase, but it literally means "Turkish Slavery." It is extremely common to hear people talk about "when we were the slaves of the Turks," that sort of thing.

My Bulgarian teacher told me she'd gone to Turkey for the first time, and I asked her how it was. Now, she wasn't some sheltered xenophobic villager; she had lived abroad and is a pretty cosmopolitan person.

Her: Everywhere we went, when we told them where we were from, they called us "neighbor! neighbor!"*
Me: Oh, do Turks like Bulgarians, then?
Her: Of course they do, they like to come here and steal our land and rape our women and make us slaves.

*The Bulgarian word for "neighbor" is borrowed from Turkish (along with about a zillion other words), so they would have understood this easily. And when I went to Turkey, I generally told people I was from Bulgaria so they would know I was not wealthy, and I got the same "neighbor! neighbor!" treatment.